Monday, September 29, 2008

He's Got The Whole World In HIS Hands

Whole World In HIS Hands
(written by Tim Hughes)

When all around is fading
And nothing seems to last
When each day is filled with sorrow
Still I know with all my heart

He's got the whole world in His hands
He's got the whole world in His hands
I fear no evil, for You are with me
Strong to deliver, mighty to save
He's got the whold world in His hands

When I walk through fire
I will not be burned
When the waves come crashing round me
Still I know with all my heart

He's got the whole world in His handsHe's got the whole world in His handsI fear no evil, for You are with meStrong to deliver, mighty to saveHe's got the whold world in His hands

There comes a point in your life when you realize:





So, don't worry about people from your past,
there's a reason why they didn't make it to your future.

"Be kinder than necessary...because everyone you meet is fighting some kind of battle."

Monday, September 8, 2008

Something is Wrong

"But I wonder if most people who look god all the time are really out of touch with themselves, unaware of how they impact others, and covering up deep pain with the pleasures of activity and achievements. Perhaps much of what passes for spiritual maturity is maintained by a rigid denial of all that is happening beneath the surface of their lives. Maybe in this life it's impossible to be as together as some people look."
"Just a quick glance beneath the surface of our life makes it clear that more is going on that loving God and loving others. It requires only a moment of honest self-reflection to realize that, no matter how much we may have already changed, we still have a long way to go. Most of us know things about ourself that no one else would guess: thoughts, fantasies, things we do in private, secrets that make us feel ashamed. We know things are not as they should be. Something is wrong."
"We wish we were better than we are, but we're not. And that realization brings shame, a desire to hide, to avoid real contact, to present to others only that part of us we think will be well received. We want to hide the rest - not because we desire to avoid offending others with our ugly side, but because we fear their rejection. We live for the purpose of self-protection, clinging to whatever brings us happiness and security. The effect is a discouraging distance between ourself and the people we long to be close to. The quality of our life diminishes."
"Most of us spend our life trying to pretend things are better than they are. When reality breaks through - perhaps in a glimpse of how disappointed or imperfect we are - we're strongly inclined to do whatever restores our feigned sense of well-being. We may count our blessings, cut the lawn, pray for strength, eat something sweet, consult a counselor, join the church choir, fight with our spouse, read a favorite psalm, turn on the TV, scold ourself for being a downer, re-surrender ourself to God, or go out with friends for pizza - anything to get away from that nagging sense that something is missing, something is wrong."
"Perhaps the majority of people who report pleasant feelings with only occasional struggles are building their houses on sand by preserving their happiness through pretense; or, to change the image, maybe they're rearranging the furniture in the motel room, hoping it will feel like home. When we succeed at arranging our life so that "all is well," we keep ourself from facing all that's going on inside. And when we ignore what's happening on the inside, we lose all power to change what we do on the outside in a meaningful way. We rearrange rather than change and in so doing, we never become the transformed person God calls us to be. We never experience freedom from destructive patterns of living."

Dr. Larry Crab Inside Out

Thursday, September 4, 2008


"One must realize

that all who have accumulated great fortunes

did a certain amount of







before they acquired

MoNeY." N.H.







BeaCH HouSe iN SoCaL
RaNCH HoMe oN eaST CoaST
CaBiN iN CoLoRaDo MouNTaiNS

ReQuiReMeNT: "...practical dreamers who can, and will, put their dreams into action." N.H.

"Success requires NO apologies
Failure permits NO alibis."

"...all who succeed in life get off to a bad start, and pass through many heartbreaking struggles before they 'arrive'." N.H.


i WaNT To Be THe oNe WHo CaMe FRoM GReaT oPPoRTuNiTY...
To THRoW iT aLL aWaY FoR a CauSe MuCH GReaTer...
BeCaMe HoMeLeSS aND FaCeD GReaT FiNaNCiaL STRuGGLe JuST To HaVE a RooF oVeR MY HeaD...
To BeiNG oNe oF THe YouNGeST, MoST SuCCeSSFuL iNSuRaNCe PRoFeSSioNaLS...

Win or Perish

Quotes sourced from Think And Grow Rich by Napoleon Hill

"Edwin C. Barnes succeeded because he chose a definite goal, and placed his
energy, all his willpower and all his efforts into achieving that goal." N.H.

"He was content to start in the most menial work, as long as it provided an opportunity to take even one step towards his cherished goal." N.H.

"I will burn all bridges behind me, and stake my entire future on my ability to get what I want." E.B.

Cut all sources of retreat = Win or Perish

"Wishing will not bring riches. But desiring riches with a state of mind that becomes an obsession, then planning definite ways and means to acquire riches, and backing those plans with persistence which does not recognize failure, will bring riches." N.H.

  1. How much money exactly do I desire?

  2. What am I willing to give in return for those riches?

  3. By which date do I want the money in my possession?

  4. What is my plan of action? (Start right away)

  5. Write a statement of the exact amount desired, what I'm willing to do for it, by what date I want it and how I'll achieve that goal.

  6. Read that statement twice daily aloud, once before bed and once when I awake.

I have been so inspired by this book...and I'm only to the middle of the second chapter! Goals are good, and the desire for those goals fuels us to achieve them. My goals may be lofty, but I will attain them! I'm confident that I am not only able but ultimately willing to see these goals reached.

In response to 1-6:

  1. $5,000,000

  2. Sacrifice with long hours. Use personal time to increase my abilities and strengthen my gifts. Become more outgoing to promote myself and my business. Network with associates and other business professionals unrelated and related to my field. Maintain a high level of professionalism and integrity at all times...regardless if I'm on the clock or not. Remain true to myself and my values. Give all credit to God for successes. Give back to God and bless others even when I have little.

  3. 10 years

  4. Meet the right people to get there and be willing to work from the bottom up. Education. Network. Promote.

  5. My goal is to become a successful and professional Insurance Consultant with a financial goal of $5,000,000. I am willing to sacrifice my comforts and personal time to do whatever it takes to reach my goal within the next 10 years. I will always give thanks to God for all things good and love Him above everything (even my goal). I will always love my husband, Ben. I will remain true to myself all the while fine-tuning areas of my life to reflect ultimate integrity and professionalism and education. Note to self: What steps will you take/have you taken towards these goals today?

Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Diddle Becoming Dumb

So BoReD...
FeeLiNG uSeLeSS...
WaNT ouT...
NeeDS a CHaNCe...
LooKiNG FoR CHaNGe...
WHaT To Do?
WHeRe To Go?
WaiTiNG FoR aNSWeRS...
HoW MuCH MoRe To TaKe?
ToLeRaNCe iS LoW...
SNaPPiNG SooN...
THis BoReDoM iS KiLLiNG Me!
DaY BY DaY...
THe MoMeNT...
THe CHaNCe...
THe CHaNGe...
LoRD, i NeeD PaTieNCe To HeLP Me THRu THe DaY.

I Want To:

I need a change...its in the air.

Stifled by 'the man'...we can hardly make rent at our tiny abode and 'the man' shows up with new cars, houses, golden retrievers and white picket fences.

I want to hardly seems fair.

It's not that I want all the fancy and expensive things, I just have a hard time with living paycheck to paycheck while the rich get richer and the poor get poorer.

"The love of money is the root of all evil." 1 Timothy 6:10

It's not the money I want so badly, its the freedom, the ability to bless, the means to start a ministry, and the college fund for my children.

Why is it that I really want this job, though? I'm tired of not using my God-given abilities. I feel like they're being wasted by sitting on my rear-end waiting for the phone to ring and the mail lady to drive by...each task finished within just a few moments. Maybe this is my chance to reflect on what it is exactly that I want in life.

I want to be challenged.
I want to be appreciated.
I want to work hard.
I want to provide.
I want to bless.
I want so much more.
I want to be rewarded and to reward others.
I want to utilize my gifts and talents.
I want to start a family.
I want to own a ranch for my children to grow up & learn.
I want to be there for my kids, not working my fingers to the grind just to pay for diapers.
I want to celebrate my marriage with a real wedding and finally go on our honeymoon.
I want to be debt free.
I want to pay my bills as they come in...not wait for the money to eventually come.
I want to sleep peacefully without thinking about how many nights we have left in our home.
I want to garden.
I want to be healthy.
I want to help others achieve their goals & dreams.

Kingdom Living

"...I wonder if most people who look good all the time are really out of touch with themselves, unaware of how they impact others, and covering up deep pain with the pleasures of activity and achievmants. Perhaps much of what passes for spiritual maturity is maintained by a rigid denial of all that is happening beneath the surface of their lives. Maybe in this life it's impossible to be as together as some people look." -Dr. Larry Crab Inside Out

Phew! All those people who look good on the outside and are always happy are maybe, possibly, just in denial of how messed up life here on earth really is. Or maybe they have a really good sense of Kingdom-living. You know, living for the Kingdom and not for the earth. It's such a release to not have to compare myself to those who 'have it all together' because they really don't. It's not human, its not of this earth. I guess its all in the perspective we hold. If we live for things of the earth, chasing wealth & human acceptance we will be disappointed. BUT if we focus our eyes on Heaven, our ultimate goal & prize, our perspective changes from ourselves to God & futhering His Kingdom....Kingdom Living.